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The World's #1 High Performance Coach, in your Pocket

How Brendon Burchard leverages his clone to scale coaching

16 April, 2024

Andrew PreiserAuthor
The World's #1 High Performance Coach, in your Pocket

Brendon has been a key innovator in performance coaching for nearly two decades and is the founder of GrowthDay, a leading self-improvement program. He entrusts Delphi with his lifelong set of knowledge and content, which has generated him over $100 million in course and membership sales. Below, we highlight why Brendon has chosen Delphi and how you can unleash a Clone of yourself to drive sales, engage with your audience at scale, and efficiently create future content.

The World’s #1 High Performance Coach

Brendon Burchard is a 3-time NYT bestselling author, a globally respected high-performance coach, and one of the world’s most-watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers with over 10 million followers across his channels. Forbes.com named him 'the world’s leading high-performance coach,' and O, The Oprah Magazine, named him 'one of the most influential leaders in personal growth.' Brendon is the founder and CEO of GrowthDay, the #1 system for self-improvement. His available learning tools include books, courses, podcasts and coaching sessions.

GrowthDay Integration

The fully trained Clone is integrated into his GrowthDay platform, providing subscribers with 24/7 access to his knowledge. Think of the Clone in this use case as a companion that offers users a personalized, guided experience through their performance journey. At any point, they can pause the lesson and directly ask Brendon’s Clone a specific question relevant to them.

This custom buildout was made possible via our website integration. By including his fully trained Clone within his GrowthDay membership subscription, it acts as an upsell mechanism to increase conversions. In addition to the membership itself, Brendon’s Clone pitches additional offerings, like his books, coaching sessions and podcasts, throughout conversations. Delphi Clones are ways for you to increase your earning potential, not cannibalize it.

Delphi analytics enable Brendon to continually monitor the popular topics and questions that interest his audience. They serve as a direct source for determining the direction of future content. Brendon can even converse with his Clone to brainstorm ideas for getting started. His Clone increases conversions, saves time, and aggregates relevant audience interests all on one platform.

How Delphi Benefits his Audience

Brendon’s GrowthDay subscribers now have unconstrained access to his wisdom and can receive ongoing personalized feedback. It’s a product differentiator and a significant value add for the GrowthDay experience. The goal of the program is to develop consistent high-performance habits, and his clone is a tool designed to help achieve and maintain ongoing success. Users can even hop on the phone with his clone and have a real-time coaching call - the clone shares Brendon's voice, so it feels like you're talking to the real-deal. His clone will keep users accountable to their goals, answer questions, and ask questions back to encourage thought-provoking dialogue.

Interested in creating a clone of your own? Sign up here and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Andrew Preiser

Head of Ops
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