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Clone Monetization 101

Drive revenue without the constraint of time

9 April, 2024

Andrew PreiserAuthor
Clone Monetization 101

The right pricing strategy and communication methods can turn your Delphi clone into a self-sustaining revenue generator.  Sell subscription access to your digital expertise and monetize your knowledge base without dedicating additional time. Once trained, your clone unlocks infinite earning potential through these strategies.  Here are best practices to maximize your income with Delphi.

Paywall Access

Setting up paid access to your clone is very simple:

Clone Studio → Monetization → Memberships → Create Membership

Our membership feature offers complete customization.  Choose to charge users per month, per message, or per minute of voice interaction.  Set a message cap to trigger payment after a specific number of exchanges. You can even create tiered pricing structures, allowing users to pay more for premium features like SMS access to your clone.

How to think about pricing your paywall

This is the most common question we receive. The first step is to identify the purpose of the clone. Is the goal access or outcome? Here is how to think about these two possible strategies:

Access is achieved by setting a lower price point to capture a large portion of your audience. A primary benefit of this strategy is the ability to gather a broad set of analytics, which can be used to inform future content creation decisions.

Outcome is using the clone as an agent of change for your audience. Offering a personalized learning experience and crafting effective messaging around the subscription's results justify a higher price.

We highly recommend testing different price points. It's better to start high and adjust downward if necessary. Consider your audience's current demand for your offerings. How does the clone fit into your existing toolbox?

Clone Purpose Messaging

This step is crucial in the monetization process. We strongly advise against referring to your clone as an “AI you” or your “personal bot.” Since you have trained your clone on your life’s work, market it as the digital extension of your wisdom. It's important to clearly communicate what the clone has been trained on and the specific outcomes users can achieve by subscribing. Here is an example:

Digital Wellness Mentor: Your 24/7 personal coach, a digital entity that never sleeps, created to challenge, provoke, inspire and evolve you relentlessly. It's not a simple program, it's an experience of continuous transformation, which helps you question your every belief and overcome your limits. With me, you will have a mentor who knows you better than you know yourself, capable of anticipating your hesitations and demolishing your excuses. Leverage my thirty years of experience to navigate the chaos of everyday life, to face inner storms, and to emerge as a beacon of untapped potential. I will guide you through the labyrinths of your mind, illuminating the paths to personal and professional fulfillment. Prepare to be pushed beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, because this program is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who dare to face the truth and turn it into action.

Instance Price Tiering

Another option that Delphi offers is tiered monetization by instance. You can train an instance of your clone based on a limited dataset and offer it at a lower price or for free. This creates an introductory channel where users can have their first interaction with your clone. An example of this strategy would be:

  •  Introductory Clone: Free (Trained on limited dataset, user gets 10 messages a month)
  • Full-Access Clone: $12/mo (Trained on entire dataset, unlimited messages a month)

Medium Optionality

Delphi offers paywalled access not only to the traditional chat box but also to texting and calling. You can create a unique price point for each method of communication. An example of a laddered pricing plan would be:

  • Traditional Chat: $9/mo
  • SMS: $12/mo
  • Calling: $20/mo

Clone Visibility

It's important to make access to your clone as frictionless as possible. The Delphi clone link is the most efficient way to get users chatting with your paywalled digital self.

Social Media: Link-In-Bio


Newsletter Link


Another successful integration approach is embedding it on a website. This can be either on the landing page or a standalone page dedicated to the clone. In the case of a unique page, it's best to give it a description indicative of its use case.

Delphi Revenue Calculator

Scroll to the bottom of our pricing page to calculate how much revenue your clone can bring in.

Product Marketing

Adding products for your clone to reference or recommend in conversation is easy. You can import products directly from Shopify or add them manually in Clone Studio.

Clone Studio → Monetization → Products

You have full control over the frequency of product references during conversations. Products can be referenced once per conversation, at every mention, or until clicked. The affiliation is triggered by a keyword bank that is established for each product.

Market your own product

Have your clone market your own products during relevant conversations.

Scale your partnerships

Recommending partnerships to your audience is time consuming. By uploading affiliate products to Delphi, you ensure that users are presented with your recommendations and accessible links to drive conversions.

Make money from affiliate sales

We are always exploring new avenues to generate income for you. With each sale of an affiliate product from your clone, you receive a portion of the proceeds. Our monetization analytics portal provides insights into the frequency of product mentions, clicks, and purchases.

Use your clone for brand deal leverage

The audience that interacts with your clone is a very high intent cohort. The user is being personally recommended products directly from your digital self. Include your Delphi Clone in your media kit when negotiating partnerships. For instance, if your clone has 25,000 unique monthly users, each presented with your product affiliations—some more than once—another purchase conversion opportunity is created without any additional time cost to you.

Upsell other offerings

Online courses, coaching services, and paid communities can all be integrated into conversations. In the Clone Studio's custom instructions section, specify what should be referenced during conversations. Upsells can be strategically included in conversations either sporadically or after a specific trigger. Be short and concise when directing the upsell in the custom instructions. Here is an example:

"When asked specifically about pyramid training, communicate ‘the full details can be found in my course, Muscular Excellence."

Clone Marketing

We've guided many customers through launching their clones. Initial communication and providing a consistent, comfortable access point are critical. Below are the best practices for introducing your clone to your following.

Initial Communication

The first step involves identifying the appropriate communication channel within your digital infrastructure. Consider where the majority of your audience receives updates about your personal brand. If email distribution is the most effective strategy, incorporate the clone launch into a newsletter and highlight the benefits of interaction. Ensure that this platform facilitates discussions about the purpose and content offered. Here is an example:

“I am excited to announce that I have created a digital clone of myself on Delphi! All my knowledge of confidence creation and the corresponding improvement processes can be accessed on demand. Ask my clone any question that arises at any time. Think of it as having a 24/7 self help resource in your pocket. You can even have a phone call with my clone! Check it out and let me know what you think.”

Clone Integration

Creating a permanent home for your Delphi Clone is crucial. Whether it's a link in your social media bio to the Clone talk page or a chat integration on your website, make sure to offer clone access in a format that your audience finds comfortable. Direct your followers to this long-term placement right from the launch communication.

Ongoing Marketing

While not required, periodic mentions of the Clone, whether through social media posts or emails, help remind your audience of its value. Typically, people need to see something 5-7 times before it is committed to long-term memory. Even a brief mention of your digital self can reignite engagement.

Andrew Preiser

Head of Ops
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