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Boost Your Clone Engagement by 10-15x

How Illmind uses Delphi to deepen his relationship with his followers

5 April, 2024

Andrew PreiserAuthor
Boost Your Clone Engagement by 10-15x

Delphi offers a way to monetize your expertise and scale yourself indefinitely, allowing you to focus on developing your personal brand and business. Here is a tested guide to increasing your Clone engagement by 10-15x, inspired by one of our earliest customers, Illmind. The legendary music producer has seamlessly integrated his Clone into his digital ecosystem, using all of Delphi's tools to boost his Platinum Club subscriptions.

Clone Communication

Building initial Clone engagement starts with an effective messaging strategy for your audience, whether through social media or email/SMS campaigns. Illmind has used his social media presence to consistently promote both the existence and benefits of his Clone, enhancing new user acquisition and retention while keeping his audience engaged.

Clone Embedding

Establishing a dedicated home for your Clone is crucial for improving user experience and maintaining steady engagement. A Delphi custom page is the best way to seamlessly offer access to your digital self. It can also be directly embedded in your website's landing page or a page dedicated entirely to your Clone. Illmind has created an entire website centered around his Clone and providing mentorship, significantly increasing audience engagement by providing a direct and consistent access point.

Mass Messaging

Our new blast email feature acts as a conversation starter with each individual audience member, as your Clone can take over the conversation to provide continuous interaction. All of your audience communication can be facilitated through Delphi, with your Clone acting as the mentor or coach every step of the way. Illmind uses mass messaging on a daily basis to provide motivation, personally engage users and provide membership updates.

SMS Integration

Traditional texting offers a communication channel that is highly familiar and easily accessible to your audience. Your Delphi Clone can completely replace costly mass messaging platforms, enabling ongoing conversations at no additional cost. It’s critical to have the SMS number on display, whether that be in a social media profile or website. Illmind includes his Delphi Clone phone number in all of his social bios.

Start Scaling Communications Today

Utilizing all of the Delphi features is key to maximizing your Clone’s usefulness. Delphi’s mission is to provide you with a trusted, scalable way to make money from your existing knowledge. The Clone helps increase subscriptions, attract more clients, sell memberships, and boost sales of courses and books. The Delphi team is here to help you build your business and infinitely scale your brand.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is on standby. Join our weekly office hours or contact us directly for support. We're dedicated to making your journey with Delphi as smooth and impactful as possible.

Andrew Preiser

Head of Ops
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